Cloud ERP for Freight Forwarders Provides Competitive Edge in Global Logistics By Amit Maheshwari, CEO, Softlink

Cloud ERP for Freight Forwarders Provides Competitive Edge in Global Logistics By Amit Maheshwari, CEO, Softlink

Jan 29

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The era of lean and mean business organisations has arrived. We no longer do business in an insular market and operating in a global marketplace demands that organisations cut fat to stay trim and flexible. Escalating competition on all fronts is forcing organisations to be more efficient, and continuously incorporate new processes to keep ahead of competitors. Adding consumer value in the form of lower prices, quality and better service has become an essential requirement in the global marketplace.
Amit Maheshwari, CEO of Softlink Global, a market leader in Customs, Freight Forwarding and Logistics Management Solutions for all service providers in the supply chain shares his knowledge of the growing demand for cloud based Freight Management Software Solutions that will give you that competitive edge in the global market place.
The solution lies with on demand, web-based logistics management software or “cloud computing”—which is a shared software that users access via the web. This allows users benefits of faster implementation times and lower upfront investments. Available at a click is an entire suite of cloud-based logistics management solutions that can help you in planning, execution, integration, collaboration to optimize operation process and improve control, reduce costs, and respond quickly to changes in customer and supplier demand. All you have to do is plug in and you are ready to go live with minimal investment and manpower. This allows logistics companies to free up their resources and focus on their core competencies.
By using cloud solutions organisations can increase visibility throughout the supply chain. It empowers users to view real-time data through a user-friendly interface and quick access to critical business intelligence information, such as key performance indicators and custom reports.
In an increasingly competitive world, companies need to stay a step ahead of competition all the time and also keep an eye on escalating costs. The question arises is it possible to innovate and evolve without making huge investments in IT infrastructure and related manpower? Thankfully, the answer is a resounding Yes! Today, we can offer customers a secure cloud based logistics management solution that can help them streamline and automate business processes throughout the logistics chain. And the beauty of it all is that, you as the customer need only pay for what you use and how much you use.
It offers safe and secure access to different IT platforms resulting in seamless collaboration and better integration with third party applications. Cloud-based logistics management software provide a complete suite of services which includes Sales & Service, Sea Freight, Air Freight, Customs, Local Transportation, Warehousing, Tariff Management, Booking, Visibility, Tracking, as well as integration and collaboration support.
Another key point to consider web based freight management solution is that success in freight management requires specialized skills which are rapidly evolving and becoming more advanced and complex, making it essential to have an expert partner who specializes in this domain and who has the expertise to constantly upgrade the software ensuring that you are in tune with market demands. This includes the ability to collaborate and integrate with other third party gateways.
The compelling factors for cloud based solutions are:
1) Facilitate and accelerate business restructuring.
2) Flexibility and reduced risk by reducing workload fluctuations, improving flexibility and enhancing capabilities to adapt to changing opportunities.
3) Prioritising investment enables companies free capital funds for core business areas.
4) Reduce or control operating costs.
5) Focus on core business.

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