How a Cloud ERP Platform can help to grow your business

How a Cloud ERP Platform can help to grow your business

Dec 30

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ERP software is the need of the hour in this competitive business environment. ERP software can not only help LSP’s to survive in the market but to go beyond & prosper in it. This is possible by four key benefits which an ERP brings to a logistics company –

a) Integration –

  • Integration of all your offices across geographical locations into a single Cloud ERP platform.
  • Integration of your functions of Air, Ocean, Inland Transport, Warehouse, Customs, Billing and Financial Accounting into one platform.
  • Integration of all your departments into a seamless work flow.
  • Integration of operations with your Customers, Carrier, Customs, Service providers, Agents, Networks & Government Agencies.

Logistics Operations

b) Increasing Productivity & Efficiency –

i) Operational Productivity –

  • Centralized Master Data maintenance.
  • Drastic reduction in manual data entry.
  • No more manual communication amongst stakeholders.
  • Reduction in documentation processing time due to integration with other modules, Sales, Carrier integration and Customs (Carrier Booking, e-SI Submission, Custom Filing etc)
  • Reduction or zero down documentation errors & mistakes which results in less time spent on discussing clerical and admin issues.
  • Electronic Approval process between executive and manager and with customers too.
  • Auto email alert and SMS alerts, send email message using predefined templates.
  • Configurable Report Schedulers, MIS for customers.
  • More time spent on logistics activities, redeployment of employees to add more value to the organization.
ii) Accounting Productivity –

  • Automated billing using quote and tariff, has improved invoicing process time and reduces generation of unnecessary Credit Notes.
  • Tight integration of Purchase booking and Payment approval process.
  • Exception Reporting and real time visibility of pending shipment for billing, outstanding.
  • Real time integrated operational & accounting modules help reducing cost of errors and increased processing time.
  • Flexibility to generate Customized reports and adhoc report writing and querying capabilities
iii) Customer Service Efficiency –

  • Auto email, SMS alerts and status reports.
  • Reduction in customer communication by providing online tracking.
  • Online Draft BL & HAWB approvals process.
  • Quick response to customer query, new Inquiries/Leads and sending quotations directly using System. Configurable Report Schedulers, MIS & Business Intelligence.
c) Increasing Control & Measurement –

  • Vendor Evaluation.
    • Identification of best suitable tariff rates
    • KPI for Vendors & performance tracking
  • Credit Control System to control Credit. Approval process for amending quotation, expense & credit notes.
  • Charge locking from quotation to shipment to expense.
  • Unrecovered expense listing.
  • Cost sheet – back to back listing of Income heads against expenses.
  • Stop offering non valid tariff to customers.
  • Real time identification of pending jobs for billing.
  • Auto reminders for Customer Outstanding and Collections
  • Use of Management Information System (MIS) & Business Intelligence to measure Sales Team Performance, Customer Performance, Carrier Performance & Performance of Service Providers.
  • 360º View of Business Operation and Financial information
  • Better Decision making due to complete audit trail up to transaction level
  • Measurement of TAT (Turn Around Time) of your Operations and Accounts and measure over a period of time
d) Increasing Customer Satisfaction through –

  • Auto email and SMS alerts.
  • Online shipment tracking, document tracking, PO Tracking up to line level.
  • Query and search shipments status.
  • Online Draft BL & HAWB approvals process.
  • Provision to send online Inquiry, booking, ASN, and Cargo Release request.
  • Provision to set shipment alert to notify shipment status for urgent or important shipment.
  • Quick response to new Inquiries/Leads and sending quotations directly using System.
  • Access Over web and Smart phones.
  • Configurable Report Schedulers, MIS & Business Intelligence.
The strategic goals of standardizing, accelerating business processes and providing improved visibility are essential to improving business execution, which in turn support the organizational goals of revenue and profit growth. ERP is the potential source of cost saving and operational improvements. Growth expectations, customer service, and cost control have consistently been the top three business drivers impacting ERP implementation.
Without the supporting infrastructure that ERP provides as a system of record for the business, execution is severely handicapped, which makes ERP a critical success factor in achieving overall business goals. A well managed ERP implementation can be a continuing source of cost saving and operational improvements which help companies survive and thrive in troubled economic times.

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