Importance of End User Training for your Freight Forwarding Software

Importance of End User Training for your Freight Forwarding Software

Jan 16

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So you’ve made the decision, selected your freight forwarding software, implementation is underway and you are shortly due to go live. So much to organise and yet often the crucial process of incorporating an end-user strategy is forgotten – arguably the most important. Unless your staff are trained on using your new software, you cannot expect to reap the full benefits of the investment.

Following are some of the important points to consider while organizing the training for new software -

· Number of staff being trained & timescale of delivery – This will help to decide whether the training can be done individually or in a group.

· Best location to conduct the training – There can definitely be a case where the software implementation is taking place in multiple branches of the company. In this situation, the decision has to be taken whether to conduct the training in a location where all the users can assemble or to have an online training program.

· Practical Sessions – It is of utmost importance to have step by step practical training along with a theoretical presentation. Only theory will not hold the attention of the users & also the users have to know the process of the entries & report making.

· Resources required – You have to be aware & prepared regarding the resources required for the training. Whether a certain number or type of computers are required, whether the software has to be downloaded or is available on cloud, how many days will be required for the same (which affects the costing) etc.

· Training as per work on job – The staff have to be trained as per the modules implemented. For example, if an accounting module has been implemented then the accounts team have to be taught how to use the same along with how their entries will affect the other modules. Thus, how the different modules are interlinked should be clear, thus it will help in the training process.

Creating the correct training environment is another consideration. One aspect of this is bridging the gap between staff skill sets, not all staff might need the same level of training, it could be more effective learning and time-wise to deliver tiered-skill level training to separate groups.
By having your End User Strategy as a key point in your planning when purchasing of software, your business will operate more efficiently and maintaining a competitive edge and encourage a culture that embraces change.

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