Benefits that a Logistics Cloud ERP Platform gives to your company

Benefits that a Logistics Cloud ERP Platform gives to your company

Jan 25

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An ERP Platform integrates a company into a tight knit unit whose every effort is channelized in a systematic way to achieve the its goals. An ERP System uses the resources of the company in an optimized method. This has multifold effects on the productivity of an organization. An ERP System is able to achieve this with the help of the following -

1. Control & Visibility to Management -

A Logistics ERP Platform gives a real time 360 degrees view to the higher management about their business operations & finances. An ERP System will effectively support your business needs, to manage logistics operations & take the right decision at the right time. An enhanced & magnified view of your business workflow in ERP allows these benefits.

2. Smooth Inter-Departmental Work Flow -

Since no duplicate entries are required when in an integrated ERP Platform, every interlinked department is aware of the work done by its co-department. Thus, there is better internal communication & information exchange between the departments. This helps in faster Turnaround Time of jobs, better internal communication, enhanced processing of orders etc. This creates a complete paperless environment in the company.

3. Single Reporting System -

Due to unified reporting, data is automatically tabulated on such a platform & reports are generated as per pre-specified business parameters & schedules. There is complete accountability in such a system since the reports generated are fool proof. Performance Reports of Jobs, Customers, Branches, Shippers, Consignees, Vendors, Carriers etc can be generated. Dashboards with advanced analytics can also be viewed.

4. Single Platform -

It addresses the complexity and inefficiency of multiple systems. There is no clash in the softwares used in different departments as there is only one single platform which integrates different functions. ERP gives you an ability to integrate & unify all your business workflow and ensures real time information availability. This has an extremely positive effect on Turnaround Time.

5. Business Intelligence Functionalities -

Logistics ERP System gives you Business Intelligence, which is the key differentiator in this competitive market environment. Different business parameters can be measured for better decision making. The management can find exact answers to the performance metrics of different resources. For example, correlation of Accounting with Sales or correlation of Administration with Freight Forwarding can be done.

6. Client Account Maintenance -

In Logistics ERP System, customer accounts are created which allow tracking of customers from when they were prospects, who enquired about the services to when was the last message sent to them regarding their order.

7. Modularized Approach -

Depending upon their business requirement, the users can pick and choose modules they would like to implement. Multiple modules give choices to the user in terms of the level of integration they require. They can choose which functions they would want to integrate & later on add modules as they grow. Modules can be added gradually as per the convenience of the users.

8. Integrated Modules -

Integrated functionality is the basis of an organized business. Multiple modules allow the employees to work in a united way towards a common goal. Not only employees but all other business entities like your customer and service provider can also be integrated on a single platform. Without an ERP System, it is impossible for the different departments to work towards a common goal without an integrated environment.

9. Centralized Data -

The entire data becomes centralized & can be used at anytime & anywhere for analysis & report making. There is no loss of data or difficulty in retrieving the same.

10. Secure Environment -

All transactions can be tracked & are secure on such a platform. Every user of the Logistic ERP is secured and has a predefined access right of system. Thus, data cannot be stolen or misused on an ERP Platform.

11. Faster Collaboration -

Due to integrated approach now all employees can easily collaborate and can address each other’s issues faster & more efficiently.

12. Electronic Data Interface (EDI) -

This is one of the biggest technological advantages of an ERP system. Different business applications can be integrated on one platform for the convenience of the business operation to avoid duplication of work or manual intervention. You can not only integrate your customers and service providers but also with Banks, Carrier, Custom House and other government agencies etc.

13. Business Optimization Processes -

An ERP System makes processes like order tracking, inventory tracking, revenue tracking, sales forecasting etc. much easier.

14. Enables Global Operations -

ERP System implementation is a must for companies who aspire to go global. The performance of multiple branches can be monitored on various parameters like sales, turnaround time, profitability, CRM etc. Due to the power of dynamic management given by an ERP system, a company can invest into growing its business on a global level.

A Logistics Management ERP Platform is an all in one solution to the requirements of any sort of company in the logistics industry. The benefits of this platform outweigh its costs in the long term. Every logistics company; big, medium or small must embrace this platform to flourish in the market.

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