Features of an Effective Reporting System in a Logistics Software

Features of an Effective Reporting System in a Logistics Software

Mar 10

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1) Automated Data Extraction Feature -

The software should support a wide range of data formats so that it can extract a large amount of data from different types of files.

2) Flexibility -

These changes in the data can be enforced at any given moment depending upon the ever changing customer and/or management needs. Good reporting software should ideally allow such changes to be recorded and persistently stored so that if required, they can be rolled back later. Such changes should be easy to implement within the software.

3) Customizable -

Ability to create a report in a format that is – simple, compatible, appealing and portable.

4) Less Human Intervention -

Requires least human intervention- that is most of it is automated to a large extent.

5) Handy to Use -

Should be comfortable for both beginners as well as advanced users.

6) Should make reasonable use of system resources -

By system resources we usually mean processor time, network bandwidth, RAM and hard-disk space. The system won’t only be running the reporting software; other software like email clients, antivirus programs, firewalls, system services, web browsers etc may be running simultaneously. The reporting software should ideally make intelligent use of these resources and release them when not required.

7) No requirement of programming -

Systems should be intuitively designed and easy to use, which should enable the average IT literate business user to produce reports that are fit for purpose because not everyone can be a programmer.

8) Drag & Drop Functionality -

This makes your job easy. Most vendors have accepted this as a given now feature and it’s implemented in a variety of current reporting software.

9) SharePoint integration -

Provides the collaborative working platform to enable multiple contributors to work on a working, living report at the same time.

10) Dashboards -

Shows you a glimpse of what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s dubious about your operation at any time.

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