Advantages of a Quality Support for your Logistics Software

Advantages of a Quality Support for your Logistics Software

Mar 27

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The work of a logistics software provider does not stop at just providing technological solutions to its users. The IT company’s software can match the requirements of the logistics industry, increase the volumes that the users can handle, minimize errors & eliminate revenue leakages. But the real test of the IT solution provider is its after-sales service. To handle the same, the logistics software provider should have a team of dedicated support representatives or reps to solve customer queries & complaints efficiently. This is easier said than done since, the software provider needs to build & train a team of support reps who have both IT skills & domain knowledge of the logistics industry. Following are the advantages of a quality support staff for your logistics software -
1. Reliability of Service -
A quality support team is able to convince the users that they are reliable or trustworthy. Trust is gained by multiple positive interactions with the support staff. Their reliability depends on how they are able to get their services in line with what the user is demanding. For example, if the user has a problem in filing a certain document into the system, the support rep should be able to hear him out attentively & in a stepwise process be able to get him to fill all the details & enter it into the system.
2. Assurance of Problem Solving -
The support team is able to actually solve real-time problems of the user. This preparedness of solving real-time problems comes with a lot of initial practice. A good support team studies the routine doubts that the users face. Thus, they are able to make case studies & work on them. Real-time problem solving is where you can differentiate a rep who plainly follows a script & one who can actually understands the software. A capable rep is able to empathize with the user & act on the issues he is facing regarding any process.
3. Well Trained Support Staff with Soft Skills -
Soft Skills are the skills that actually retain clients. Some key soft skills are optimism, common sense, responsibility, sense of humor & integrity. These skills must be acquired & honed on a regular basis. The IT company has a limited ability to bestow these skills on their support staff since, these skills have to be worked mostly on an individual basis. A support rep with soft skills gives an extremely positive impression to the users. A user feels that here is someone who understands my problems & is empathizing with me. This human touch wins over clients.
4. Good Understanding due to In-depth Domain Knowledge -
The advantage of a readymade software support staff is that the software is used in a specific industry. Thus, in the training process the support management is able to outline & teach the domain related processes of the industry to the staff. Therefore, while interacting with the users there is no confusion or lack of knowledge which affects communication. Also, the support rep should focus on empowering the user with knowledge of the usage of the software. This serves a dual purpose which are firstly, the user understands the software better which gives him the feeling that the software is more user friendly & secondly, so that there are not too many calls made on the same query.
5. Prompt Responsiveness of Customer Queries & Complaints -
There has to be a structure of resolving customer queries & complaints. All queries cannot be solved on the spot. For complex queries, the query number has to be recorded. The tools that can be used to solve the same should be in place & the timeline of solving the query should be defined as per its category. Along with this the rep has to assure the user & follow up regarding the solution of his query. An effective support staff shows urgency in resolving important issues. This shows the user that the support rep is as keen in solving his problems as he is. This sort of empathy shown to the user is of utmost importance for maintaining a long term relationship.
While choosing a logistics software for your business, you should look into the support services provided by the IT company comprehensively. You can refer to current clients of the software provider to get feedback on the quality of the support provided to them. A meticulous research of the software provider’s services will only benefit your business in the long run.



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